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7 Things you Didn’t Know you could do with your Android Phone

7 Things you Didn’t Know you could do with your Android Phone.

7 Things you Didn’t Know you could do with your Android Phone

It would be quite impossible to say the number of Android phone users in the world nowadays, why, because it is becoming our prime aim. Everybody wants to have it; even the younger ones desire it. But the problem is even with this great ambition, only very few people know what to do with the Android phones, others still find it difficult knowing what to do with it. There is more to it you should know.

7 Things you Didn’t Know you could do with your Android Phone

Thanks to the integration of advanced apps and smart accessories, here are seven things a smartphone can do that you may not have known about:

  • Identify images

If you’re using an Android device, the Google Goggles app lets you search an image captured with your phone’s camera.

You can identify famous paintings, find information on products or learn more about a historic landmark.

  • Create Recycle Bin on Your Android Mobile Device

Dumpster Android app is the mobile app that can help you to create recycle bin on your android phone just like that of a computer. This means that if you delete any files accidentally, it can be recovered via the dumpster Android app.

  •  Monitor your heart rate

Some newer smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, have integrated heart-rate monitors. But there are also apps compatible with a number of smartphones that allow you to measure your heart rate. That includes Instant Heart Rate and Runtastic Heart Rate (both available for Android and iOS)—which can take your workout to the next level.

  • Identify Medical Pills With Your Android Phone

Have you got pills you don’t know their names? Well your Android device may be of help. Simply download Healthkart or Medscape Android applications from Google Play Store for free.

  • Personalize your Home screen from Launcher Apps

You can personalize the home screen of your Android phone with the aid of Launcher Android apps. You may download and use Nova Launcher or Go Launcher from Google Play Store for free.

  • Home Light Control from your Android phone

You can have fun controlling the light in your house with your Android mobile phone. Just download Philips Hue Android app and have fun.

  • Turn Your Android Phone to a Security Camera

Wow! This is amazing; you can turn your Android device to surveillance camera with the help of IP Webcam android app which has the ability to stream your Android device camera screen with your PC.

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